Hiralal Mazumdar Memorial College for Women

Re-Accredited by NAAC with B++ Grade - 2016


Title Closing Date
Tender Cancellation notice for e tender of Lab. equipment against Ref. no. HMMCW/RUSA/NIQ/18-19/0004 2018-01-10
Tender notice for Museum or Archive materials 2018-01-23
Quotation for stationery 2018-01-28
Quotation for Fire extinguisher refilling 2018-01-28
Quotation for Printing ID card and Letter head 2018-01-28
Open Tender for a new constuction of Building in the college 2018-07-27
Notice For Bid Opening 2018-07-30
Tender cancellation notice 2018-07-30
e tendering for construction of new building (2nd Call) 2018-08-13
Tender Opening Notice 2018-08-17
Tender cancellation notice (2nd call) 2018-08-17
quotations are invited from reputed manufacturer for the supply of Library Book Racks 2018-09-03
Tender Opening Notice for 3rd call 2018-09-07
Quotation for cool and safe drinking water 2018-11-14
Quotation for Public Address System 2018-11-14
E-Tender for renovation, false ceiling and improved seating arrangement for seminar room in new buil 2018-11-20
Quotation for tree cutting 2018-11-25
Tender Opening Notice 2018-11-27
Tender order cancel notice 2018-12-01
Tender for Lease for Running the student canteen 2018-12-04
eTender for Supply for Laboratory Equipments (RUSA) 2018-12-31
eTender for Supply Books For College Library 2018-12-31
Notice about the latest etender 2018-12-31
Quotation for college stationery 2019-01-02
Tender for the fire extinguisher rifling 2019-01-06
Tender for the Quick Heal security software 2019-01-06
Tender for Gallery / Showcase for Museum Articles and Miscellaneous 2019-01-28
E-tender ref, nos. for various works 2019-01-28
Various e-tenders notice for RUSA development work 2019-03-15
Tender for College Prospectus 2019-20 2019-05-31
Quotation for College stationery 2019-08-09
tender for Rain water Harvesting System 2019-11-04
Quotation for Student ID Card 2019-11-11
Invites tender of C.C.TV 2019-11-18
Invites tender for College excursion 2019-11-18
Invites tender of I.D. Printer and System 2019-11-18
Tender for computer equipment and Software 2019-12-11
Tender for Copier Machine 2019-12-15
Invites tender of C.C.TV 2nd Call 2020-01-12
Tender for Pest control of Library Books 2020-01-12
Tender for Binding of Library Books 2020-01-12
e-Tender Notice for Supply of Books For College Library 2021-01-09
Tender for Tally Software 2021-01-26
Tender for Software for Asset Management 2021-01-26
Tender for HR Management Software 2021-01-26
Tender for I. D Card 2021-01-26
Tender for Stationary Items 2021-01-26
Tender for Sanitization Items 2021-01-26
Tender for Accounts Room Renovation 2021-01-26
Tender for Pond Side net Renovation 2021-01-29
Tender for Block E Building collapsible gate 2021-01-29
Tender for Furniture and other Wooden work 2021-01-29
Tender for Butterfly Garden & Orchid Garden 2021-01-29
Tender for Boundary wall pond side and Drainage system 2021-01-29
Tender for Pond side road renovation Phase - I 2021-01-29
Tender for Pond side road renovation Phase - II 2021-01-29
Tender for Pond side road renovation Phase - III 2021-01-29
Tender for Pond Side Drainage system phase - I 2021-01-29
Tender for Pond Side Drainage system phase - II 2021-01-29
Tender for College Website 2021-01-29
Tender for Learning Management System, Document Center / Pocket, Feedback System 2021-01-29

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